Section 13.1 Declaration Amendment. Amendments to this Declaration shall be made by an instrument in writing entitled "Amendment to Declaration" which sets forth the entire amendment. Until the Transition Date, this Declaration may be amended by an instrument approved and executed by Declarant and approved by the 67% of each class of member in the Association. Thereafter, amendments must be approved by Owners, including Declarant, having over 67% of the votes in the Association. The members' approval may be obtained by a special vote of the members at a meeting of the Association, or the written consent of the requisite percentage of members. The amendment shall be executed by the president and secretary of the Association who shall certify that the requisite vote or consent has been obtained. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the prior written approval of 51% of all Mortgagees who have requested from the Association notification of amendments shall be required for any material amendment to the Declaration or the Bylaws of any of the following: voting rights; assessments, assessment liens, and subordination of such liens; reserves for maintenance, repair, and replacement of Common Areas; insurance or fidelity insurance; responsibility for maintenance and repair; the boundaries of any Lot; convertibility of Lots into Common Areas or of Common Areas into Lots; leasing of Lots other than set forth herein; imposition of any restrictions on the right of an Owner to sell or transfer his Lot; a decision by the Association to establish self-management when professional management has been required previously by the Mortgagees; or any provisions which are for the express benefit of Mortgagees or eligible insurers or guarantors of first Mortgages. It is specifically covenanted and understood that any amendment to this Declaration properly adopted will be completely effective to amend any or all of the covenants, conditions and restrictions contained herein which may be affected and any or all clauses of this Declaration unless otherwise specifically provided in the section being amended or the amendment itself.
Section 13.2 Plat. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Plat may be amended by revised versions or revised portions thereof referred to and described as to affect an amendment to the Declaration adopted as provided for in Section 13.1. Copies of any such proposed amendment to the Plat shall be made available for the examination of every Owner. Such an amendment to the Plat shall be effective, once properly adopted, upon having received any governmental approval required by law and recordation in the appropriate city or county offices in conjunction with the Declaration amendment.
Section 13.3 Amendments to Conform to Construction. Declarant, upon Declarant's sole signature, and as an attorney-in-fact for all Lot Owners with irrevocable power coupled with an interest, may at any time, until all Lots have been sold by Declarant, file an amendment to the Declaration and to the Plat to conform data depicted therein to improvements as actually constructed and to establish, vacate and relocate easements.