Section 4.1 Administration of the Property. The Members covenant and agree that the administration of the Property shall be in accordance with the provisions of this Declaration and the Bylaws of the Association which are made a part hereof. Administrative power and authority shall be vested in the Board.
Section 4.2 Authority and Duties of the Board. On behalf of and acting for the Association, the Board, for the benefit of the Property and the Members, shall have all powers and authority permitted to the Board under this Declaration including, but not limited to, the following:
4.2.1 Levy, collect, and enforce the collection of, assessments, as more particularly set forth in Article 7 hereof, to defray expenses attributable to carrying out the duties and functions of the Association hereunder.
4.2.2 Require any officer or employee of the Association handling or responsible for Association funds to furnish adequate fidelity insurance, the premiums for which shall be paid by the Association.
4.2.3 Enter into agreements with one or more qualified persons to provide for the maintenance and repair of the Common Areas, Private Storm Drain Easement, Street Trees and Private Joint Use Driveway Tracts; the collection of assessments; the sending of all required notices to Owners; the operation of Association meetings; and other regular activities of the Association.
4.2.4 Contract and pay for any materials, supplies, labor or services which the Board should determine are necessary or proper for carrying out its powers and duties under this Declaration, including legal, accounting, management, security patrol or other services; however, if any materials, supplies, labor or services are provided for particular Lots or Private Joint Use Driveway Tracts or their Owners, the cost thereof shall be specially charged to the Owners of such Lots or Tracts. The Board may pay the Declarant a reasonable fee for any services it performs on behalf of the Association.
4.2.5 All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness in the name of the Association shall be signed by such officer or officers, agent or agents of the Association and in such manner as is from time to time determined by the Board.
Section 4.3 Adoption of Rules and Regulations. When and to the extent it deems advisable, the Board may adopt reasonable rules and regulations governing the maintenance and use of the Common Areas and the Property and other matters of mutual concern to the Members, which rules and regulations are not inconsistent with this Declaration and the Bylaws and which treat all Members fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner.
Section 4.4 Additional Powers of the Association. In addition to the duties and powers of the Association, as specified herein and elsewhere in this Declaration, but subject to the provisions of this Declaration, the Association, acting through its Board, shall have the power to do all other things which may be deemed reasonably necessary to carry out its duties and the purpose of this Declaration.