Section 5.1 Construction and Exterior Alterations or Repairs.
5.1.1 All Structures (including, without limitation, concrete or masonry walls, rockeries, driveways, fences, hedges, swimming pools, if any, or other Structures) to be constructed, erected, placed or altered within the Property, all exterior alterations and repairs (including, but not limited to, re-roofing or repainting) of any Structures on the Property and visible from any street or other Lot, and any construction or alteration of landscaping on the Property must be approved by the Board or an Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") composed of three or more representatives appointed by the Board; provided, that until completed Homes have been constructed on all of the Lots, Declarant shall act as the ACC. Complete plans and specifications of all such proposed buildings, structures, exterior alterations and repairs, or landscaping together with detailed plans showing the proposed location of the same on the particular building site and other data requested by the ACC shall be submitted to the ACC before construction, alteration or repair is begun. Construction, alteration or repair shall not be started until written approval thereof is given by the ACC.
5.1.2 The ACC will review submittals as to the quality of workmanship and materials planned and for conformity and harmony of the exterior design with proposed or existing structures on the Lots and, as to location of the building, with respect to topography, finish grade elevation and building setback restrictions and compliance with the Plat, in accordance with architectural guidelines to be adopted by the ACC. Depending upon the proposal, the plans may require additional review by engineers, architects, other design professionals and/or governmental agencies.
5.1.3 All plans and specifications submitted for approval by the ACC must be submitted in duplicate at least 30 days prior to the proposed construction or exterior alteration or repair starting date. In the event the ACC fails to approve or disapprove such design and location within 30 days after said plans and specifications have been submitted to it, the ACC will be deemed to have given its approval. Approval by the ACC does not preclude or replace any required governmental agency approval.
5.1.4 The maximum height of any building shall be established by the ACC as part of plan approval and shall be given in writing together with the approval. If the ACC has failed to disapprove such design and location within the 30 day limit, and such design and location is thereby deemed approved, the maximum height of any building shall be no greater than 30 feet and must also comply with local zoning, land use and building codes.
5.1.5 The ACC may require that all plans or specifications be prepared by an architect or a competent house designer approved by the ACC. One complete set of the plans and specifications shall in each case be delivered to and permanently left with the ACC. All buildings or structures shall be erected or constructed, and all exterior alterations or repairs made, by a contractor, house builder or other person or entity approved by the ACC. The ACC shall have the right to refuse to approve any design, plan or color for such improvements, construction or exterior, alteration or repair visible from a street or other Lot which is not suitable or desirable, in the ACC's opinion, and such refusal may be based entirely on aesthetic or other factors.
5.1.6 In evaluating any design, the ACC may consider the suitability of the proposed building or other structure, the material of which it is to be built, the exterior color scheme, the site upon which such buildings or structures are proposed to be built, the harmony thereof with the surroundings, and the effect or impairment that such building or structure will have on the view or outlook of surrounding Lots, compliance with the Plat, and any and all other factors which, in the ACC's opinion, shall affect the desirability or suitability of such proposed structure, building, improvements, or exterior alteration or repair.
5.1.7 The ACC shall have the right to disapprove the design or installation of a swimming pool or any other recreational structure or equipment deemed undesirable, in the ACC's reasonable opinion, based on aesthetic factors or otherwise. The ACC may consider the visual impact of the proposed structure or equipment and the noise impact of the related activities upon all nearby Lots or Common Areas. Any enclosure or cover used in connection with such a recreational structure or equipment whether temporary, collapsible, or seasonal, shall be treated as a permanent structure for purposes of these covenants, and shall to be subject to all the conditions, restrictions, and requirements as set forth herein for all buildings and structures.
5.1.8 The ACC may require, at the Owner's expense, the trimming, topping or, if deemed necessary by the ACC, removal of any tree, hedge or shrub on the Owner's Lot which the ACC determines is reasonably blocking or interfering with the view or access to sunlight of another Lot or any Common Area.
5.1.9 Declarant (including any successor in interest to Declarant's status as Declarant) shall not be subject to the restrictions of this Section 5.1 as to any Lot owned by Declarant.
5.1.10 By majority vote, the ACC may adopt or amend architectural guidelines consistent with this Declaration for making its determinations hereunder.
5.1.11 No Structure shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any Lot unless the Structure complies with the Plat and with applicable building codes. The ACC may require that the Owner furnish the ACC with evidence that all necessary permits have been obtained from the City for any work on a Lot for which ACC approval is required under this Section prior to commencement of the work.
Section 5.2 Declarant Facilities. Notwithstanding any provision in this Declaration to the contrary, Declarant and its agents, employees and contractors shall be permitted to maintain during the period of sale of Lots or Homes upon such portion of the Property (other than Lots sold by Declarant) as Declarant may choose, such facilities as in the sole opinion of the Declarant may be reasonably required, convenient or incidental to the construction, sale or rental of Lots and Homes, including but not limited to a business office, storage area, signs, model units, sales office, construction office and parking areas for all prospective tenants or purchasers of Declarant.