Section 6.1 Home and Yard Maintenance. Except for such maintenance and repairs which are to be performed by the Association pursuant to the provisions of this Declaration, each Owner, at said Owner's cost and expense, shall promptly and continuously maintain, repair, replace and restore the Home and other Structures or improvements on the Owner's Lot in a good, clean, attractive, safe and sanitary condition and in full compliance with all applicable laws, the provisions of this Declaration, and any rules and regulations of the Association. If any Owner fails to maintain, repair, replace or restore the Owner's Home, other Structures located on the Lot, or the Owner's Lot, the Association may, after Notice and Opportunity to be Heard, at the Owner's cost and expense, maintain, repair, replace or restore such items or areas and the Owner shall pay or reimburse the Association on demand for all such costs and expenses. All trees, including but not limited to those trees planted on Lots as a condition of Plat approval as set forth in Plat Restriction 16; hedges; shrubs; and flowers shall be kept in an attractive, neat, trimmed and pruned condition. Owners shall not allow their Lots to become overgrown or unkempt so as to create a visual nuisance. Leaves, clippings, dead plants and other yard waste shall be placed in a compost pile or appropriate containers for disposal.
Section 6.2 Restrictions on Storage. No Owner shall store or allow any occupant or tenant to store any trailers, boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, or trucks over two tons (except those used by Declarant in connection with the development of the Property or construction of the Homes) or any disabled or inoperable motor vehicle on the Property unless any such vehicle is completely enclosed and hidden from view within a garage or within such other enclosure as may be approved in advance by the ACC. Violations of this Section shall subject such vehicles to impound, at the expense and risk of the Owner thereof.
Section 6.3 Roads and Sidewalks. The road and sidewalks located in Riverpointe shall be used exclusively for normal access, ingress and egress, and ,no obstructions shall be placed thereon or therein except by express written consent of the Board. The Board may adopt rules and regulations governing parking by Owners and their guests in Riverpointe.
Section 6.4 Residential Use. All Lots and Structures located thereon shall be used, improved and devoted exclusively for residential purposes only, including: (i) sleeping, eating, food preparation for on-site consumption by occupants and guests, entertaining by occupants or personal guests, and similar activities commonly conducted within a residential dwelling (without regard to whether the Owner or occupant uses the Home as a primary or secondary personal residence, on an ownership, rental, lease or invitee basis) or such other reasonable ancillary purposes commonly associated with residential dwellings and otherwise in compliance with this Declaration and all applicable laws for residential dwellings; (ii) for use as a home office or for a home occupation not involving use by nonresident employees or regular visits by customers or clients; (iii) for the common social, recreational or other reasonable uses normally incident to such purposes; and (iv) for purposes of operating the Association and managing the Property.
Section 6.5 No Nuisances. No noxious or offensive conditions shall be permitted upon any Lot or improvement thereon, nor shall anything be done thereon which is or may become an annoyance or nuisance to other occupants on the Property.
Section 6.6 Restriction on Further Subdivision. No Lot, or any portion of a Lot in the Property, shall be divided and sold or resold, or ownership changed or transferred whereby the ownership of any portion of the Property shall be less than the area required for the use district in which the Property is located; provided, the foregoing shall not prohibit deeds of correction, deeds to resolve boundary disputes and similar corrective instruments.
Section 6.7 Garbage and Trash Removal. No Lot, Private Joint Use Driveway Tract, Common Area, or public street shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage, litter, junk and other debris. All garbage, trash and yard waste shall be placed in appropriate sanitary containers for regular disposal or recycling. Each Owner shall be responsible for the prompt and regular disposal of all of garbage, trash, junk and yard waste from the Owner's Lot. All containers for garbage, trash and yard waste may be placed in public view only on the designated collection day.
Section 6.8 Animal Restrictions. No insects, reptiles, poultry or animals of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in or on any Home or Lot, or on any Private Joint Use Driveway Tract, or on any Common Area, except that domesticated dogs, cats or other usual household pets (hereinafter referred to as "pets") not exceeding in aggregate two per Home may be kept on the Lots subject to rules and regulations adopted by the Board. No dog houses, kennels, dog runs or the like may be kept or maintained on any Lot or on the outside of any Home. All pets when outside a Home shall be maintained on an adequate leash or other means of physically controlling the pet, by a person capable of controlling the pet at all times or by a suitable invisible electronic confinement system not dangerous to humans. Pets shall not be allowed to leave excrement on any Lot or on any portion of the Common Areas or Private Joint Use Driveway Tracts. Any Owner whose pet violates these provisions or who causes any unreasonable noise or damage to persons or property shall be liable to all such harmed Owners and their families, guests, and invitees. The Board may, after Notice and Opportunity to be Heard, require the removal of any pet which the Board finds is disturbing other Owners unreasonably, and may exercise this authority for specific pets even though other pets are permitted to remain.
Section 6.9 Signs. No signs shall be displayed to public view on any Lot except (i) one professionally created sign of not more than one square foot displaying the resident's name; (ii) one sign of not more than five square feet advertising the Lot for sale or rent, (iii) signs used by Declarant or other home builders to advertise Lots or Homes for sale, or (iv) the permanent entry signs for Riverpointe.
Section 6.10 Renting and Leasing.
6.10.1 With respect to the leasing, renting, or creation of any kind of tenancy of a Home, the Owner (except for a lender in possession of a Lot and improvements located thereon following a default in a first Mortgage, a foreclosure proceeding, or any deed of trust sale or other arrangement in lieu of a foreclosure) shall be prohibited from leasing or renting less than the entire Home, and for any term less than 30 days, and all leasing or rental agreements shall be in writing and be subject to this Declaration, the Articles and Bylaws, with a default of the tenant in complying with this Declaration, the Articles or Bylaws constituting a default under such lease or rental agreement.
6.10.2 If a Home is rented by its Owner, the Board may collect, and the tenant or lessee shall pay over to the Board, so much of the rent for such Home as is required to pay any amounts due the Association hereunder, plus interest and costs, if such amounts are in default over 30 days. The renter or lessee shall not have the right to contest payment over to the Board, and such payment will discharge the lessee's or renter's duty of payment to the Owner for rent to the extent such rent is paid to the Association, but will not discharge the liability of the Owner (and the Home under this Declaration for assessments and charges) or operate as an approval of the lease. The Board shall not exercise this power where a receiver has been appointed with respect to the Home or its Owner, or in derogation of any rights which a Mortgagee of such Home may have with respect to such rents. Other than as stated herein, there are no restrictions on the right of any Owner to lease or otherwise rent his Home.
Section 6.11 Zoning Regulations. Zoning regulations, building regulations, environmental regulations and other similar governmental regulations applicable to the Property subject to this Declaration shall be observed. In the event of any conflict between any provision of such governmental regulations and restrictions of this Declaration, the more restrictive provisions shall apply.
Section 6.12 Business Use. No business of any kind shall be conducted on any Lot with the exception of (i) the business of the Declarant in developing and selling Homes or Lots, and (ii) home occupations approved by the Board which do not involve employees, regular visits by customers or clients, create excess traffic, parking problems, noise, or otherwise violate this Declaration. Owners shall also comply with all of the requirements of the appropriate local government concerning the operation of such home occupations. No business materials, supplies or equipment shall be stored on any Lot within the view of another Lot, except for items relating to an improvement which is under construction in conformance with this Declaration.
Section 6.13 Temporary Residence. No outbuilding, tent, shack, garage, trailer, shed or temporary building of any kind shall be
used as a residence either temporarily or permanently, except for trailers used by Declarant, builders, or contractors during the construction period.
Section 6.14 Protected Antennas. Owners may not install antennas, dishes or other receiving devices in or on any portion of the Lots, except as provided in this Section. Each Owner shall have the right to install a Protected Antenna (as defined by the provisions of 47 § 1.4000 ("FCC Rule") as it now exists or is hereafter amended or replaced, or any other federal, state or local law, code, rule or regulation that preempts, prohibits or limits restrictions on, or conditions to, the installation, maintenance or repair of telecommunications equipment desired by an Owner) (but no other kind of antenna, dish or receiving device) on the Owner's Lot, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the Board may adopt; provided, however, the Association may prohibit the installation of a Protected Antenna by Owners if the Association provides a central antenna system that complies with the FCC Rule or any other law, ordinance, rule or regulation that permits such prohibition. If the provisions of this Section conflict with any applicable federal, state or local law, ordinance, rule or regulation, the terms of such law, ordinance, rule or regulation shall prevail, but the conditions and limitations set forth in this Section shall be enforced by the ACC to the maximum extent permitted by law.
Section 6.15 Governmental and Plat Requirements. All Structures and other Lot improvements shall comply with the Plat and all applicable governmental requirements including, without limitation, minimum setback requirements.
Section 6.16 Oil and Mining Operations. No oil drilling, oil development operations, oil refining, quarrying or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted upon or in any Lot, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations or shafts be permitted upon or in any Lot. No derrick or other structure designed for use in boring for oil or natural gas shall be erected, maintained or permitted upon any Lot.
Section 6.17 Use and Disposal of Hazardous Substances. The Owner of each Lot shall comply with all state, federal and local laws and regulations governing or in any way relating to the handling, storage, use, dumping, discharge or disposal of any hazardous substance or material. The Owner of each Lot shall not dispose of or discharge any hazardous substance or materials on any Lot, Private Joint Use Driveway Tract, Common Area, public street or other area located within the Property.
Section 6.18 Completion of Projects. Any Structures or improvements, including any repairs or replacement thereof, constructed on any Lot shall be completed as to external appearance, including finish painting, within six months from the commencement of construction except for reasons beyond the control of the Owner, in which case a longer period may be permitted by the ACC. This period may be extended by the ACC due to inclement weather.
Section 6.19 Mailboxes. Each of the mailboxes and mailbox structures shall be placed in locations approved by the United States Postal Service. Owners may not damage or otherwise interfere with a mailbox structure.
Section 6.20 Exterior Add-ons. No awnings, air conditioning units, or other projections shall be placed on or hang from the exterior surfaces of any Home unless they have been approved by the ACC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, basketball hoops may hang from exterior surfaces of a Home as long as the hoop is hidden from view from the road located within the Property.
Section 6.21 Outdoor Fires. Outdoor barbecues may be used for cooking on the Lots when permitted by law. Reasonable and adequate precautions against fires must be taken. Excessive smoke or soot accumulation from fires shall not be allowed. No other outdoor fires shall be permitted on the Property, except for fires by Declarant or contractors for burning construction wastes where all necessary government permits have been obtained.
Section 6.22 Screened Service Areas. Unsightly items must be hidden from view within a Home or garage or within a fenced or screened area where they will not be seen from any Lot or road. Unsightly items shall include, but shall not be limited to, garbage and trash, clothes lines, bicycles, recreational gear, outdoor maintenance equipment, firewood and ladders. The design and materials used for any fenced or screened area shall be consistent with the general appearance of the Home and must receive prior approval from the ACC.
Section 6.23 Location of Fences; Permissive Use. Declarant has constructed certain fences between Homes on adjoining Lots in the Property for privacy purposes and in accordance with PUD approval by the city of Auburn. With approval of the ACC and the city of Auburn, Owners may also construct fences. The purpose of gaining approvals is to ensure that fencing throughout Riverpointe will remain consistent and compatible with the community character. The intention of the Declarant is that each fence, when constructed, shall be wholly on one Lot or another and not on the property line between adjoining Lots, as shown on the Plat. For reasons of convenience or topography, Declarant or the Lot Owner may not construct each fence immediately adjacent to the property line between adjoining Lots. Accordingly, the fences are not intended to mark the property line and no fence shall be construed as modifying the property line between the adjoining Lots, as shown on the Plat. The Owner of the Lot upon which a fence is located (the "Fence Owner") shall own the fence and shall have the right to relocate the fence to another position on the Owner's Lot at any time and for any reason, subject to approval of the ACC. The Owner of the adjoining Lot (the "Adjoining Owner") shall have only a revocable personal license to use the strip of land between the recorded property line and the fence for landscaping and other ordinary yard purposes until revoked by the Fence Owner and any such use of the strip of land by the Adjoining Owner shall be deemed permissive.
Section 6.24 Damage and Repair of Property. Upon any Substantial Damage (as defined below) to any Home or Lot, the Owner shall promptly restore and Repair (as defined below) the Home to substantially the same size and design as the original Home. The prior written consent or vote of the Board and a vote of 67% of the total votes entitled to be cast by the Owners of the Lots is required to rebuild in accordance with a plan that is different from the original plan as it may have been modified by alterations approved by the Board. As used in this Section, Substantial Damage shall mean that in the judgment of a majority of the Board the estimated damage for the Home exceeds ten percent of the full, fair market value of the Home before the damage occurred, as determined by the then current assessment for the purpose of real estate taxation.