MyHOA-online.com Facebook Group - Auburn Riverpointe
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MyHOA-online.com LLC is very pleased to announce the creation of our new Riverpointe Community group on Facebook! The goal of the group is to promote community via social media.
The group on Facebook not only allows for discussions, it is highly encouraged. So long as the discussions remain polite and the normal rules on Facebook are followed, members are free to post and respond as much as they like. Members of the group that fail to follow these basic guidelines will receive a warning that failure to follow the rules could have their access suspended for a few days. Repeat offenders will be banned.
The group is a closed group. If you are unfamiliar with Facebook groups, Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates, coworkers or your neighbors. Groups are private spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members. A closed group can be seen by anyone and will come up in a search however membership is strictly controlled and limited to residents of the community only. Any member who is an admin, can approve new members. Only members can see the posts in the group.
So if you'd like to become better connected to your community, know what's happening, learn about upcoming HOA meetings & events, talk about problems in the community, learn about city and county issues that directly affect the community, share pictures and stories and anything else that is related to the community that you think would have broad appeal, please visit the group and request to join today! We look forward to hearing from you!